IMO SD1 Torque Vector Inverter

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SD1 AC Inverter Drives:
The SD1 range is the ultimate variable speed drive for you!
Easy to set up, and comprehensively specified for use in virtually any application, the SD1 offers STO (SIL2
/ SIL3) dependent upon model, along with a huge range of enhanced features, normally
only found on much more expensive inverter drive solutions.

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Spezifikationen für IMO SD1 Torque Vector Inverter

IMO Power Input 200-240V Single Phase oder 380-440V Three Phase
IMO Power Output 0.4 KW oder 0.75 KW oder 1.5 KW oder 2.2 KW oder 4 KW oder 5.5 KW oder 7.5 KW