About us

A few words about us

As the name suggests, our specialty is developing, supplying and advising a wide range of products and services for the full integration of all possible building systems into a complete system. We do this based on our view that all the products and services that we have in our catalog as a whole should be applied. Whether it 's about lighting, heating, access, wireless switching, security cameras, etc. We can provide a solution for everything related to it.

Inextricably linked with this view, it is our belief and demand that all the products used, techniques and systems that we have to come. A truly open platform sufficient openness Specifically, this means that we do not commit ourselves to a kwasie open system or protocol, such as KNX / EIB, LonMark, BACnet, etc. But we focus on the truly open and free protocols such as Ethernet TCP / IP, CAN, RS323, RS485, A- Bus, DSI, Dali, GSM, GPRS, etc.

We are able to connect any investments already made 
​​ by you - and any future extensions seamlessly link to for example:  KNX / EIB, LonMark, BACnet, etc, so that you have no disinvestment. And of course, we are continually looking for new innovative developments within our scope.

In short, whether you are looking for a specific solution or a standard application, you have come to the right place!

Contact us today with one of our advisors and be inspired by the many possibilities.

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